Metro Studio 2 : a great tool to find icons for your app between more than 1700 !

When I found this software, I was doubting its content will be free. But it really is !

Finding some icons for a Windows Phone can be very painful. I found a solution : Metro Studio 2 is the best tool to find icons for you Windows Phone apps. It simply contains everything, and it’s very easy to use.

You’re not convinced ? Let’s take a look ! 😉

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Nokia Lumia 920 specs and comparisons

Nokia Lumia 920Here is the other and the best Windows Phone by Nokia, the Nokia Lumia 920.

It really is a good challenger for the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S3. Its exclusive PureView camera looks very promising ! The PureView screen looks also very good. I really hope I could try this smartphone sometime. My next personal phone ? Maybe ! :)


Read more to see all the details about the Lumia 920 and the comparative table. 😉

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New App released : Analytics for Windows Phone

Analytics for Windows Phone - General website dataMicrosoft has verified my last app, Analytics for Windows Phone so it’s available on the marketplace, for free !

Analytics for Windows Phone permits to have a look on all data about your websites registered in your Google Analytics account. The app is totally free and without any ads.

Available here :

Analytics for Windows Phone is a very simple app to get your Google Analytics data anywhere.

It is totally free and without any ads.

It permits you to analyse your websites data, using graphs and charts. You can choose any period you want, and group data by day, weeks, months, years, hours of the day…

The app also shows general data as visitors per country, mobile visitors, systems characteristics of visitors (screen resolutions, OS…) and much more !

And all of that in a great Metro styled environment, respecting your device theme and colors.

Coding and coding and coding !

A brief news to say that I haven’t stop working on Windows Phone apps !

I am working on a brand new version of Studieux, with more stuff and better design !

I will release a new app in a few weeks, which will be usefull for webmasters. More info on release 😉

Another app is mostly ready for launch but not totally, I think it will be OK on September. 😉

That’s all ! Yes, I am working on three different apps (totally different in fact), but one at a time. I will post more info when time will come :)

Blog design is evolving

As you may see, the current design of the blog is changing.

The old one was great but it had no link to Windows Phone, in design term. So I have decided to change it and try to have something more compliant with the Windows Phone Metro style.

As you see, it is very basic right now but I am working on it. I am a good dev but not a good designer so it is quite hard for me ! 😐

The new design is also a responsive design, which is adapted for all mobile devices, smartphones, tablets… :)


Major update of Studieux

A major update of Studieux is available right now on the marketplace.

Why so major ? Because I managed to improve the main page of the app. There is less unused space, better display. So the main design is quite different.

Moreover, a new functionality has appeared, the week view. Like a real diary, it permits to have a general view of each week, with courses and tasks.

TreasureGift update online

I have submitted an update for TreasureGift. The update of TreasureGift is now online. 😉

There are no big changes, just simple improvements, but it was a necessity. I hope Microsoft will validate it as soon as possible 😉

Here is the changelog :

  • ProgressBar added
  • New Facebook interface, adapted to smartphones
  • Option to logout of Facebook in the app.
  • Some optimizations of the code

Also, the app name will be changed, because at this time, the name is Gift4YourFriends (due to my error in the app characteristics in the code… :mrgreen:).

TreasureGift is out… or Gift4YourFriends ?

I finally got this Microsoft Certification. TreasureGift is finally released, without any bugs. :)

It is available on the marketplace : you can download it from here.

You should see that the app name is wrong on the marketplace. It’s named Gift4YourFriends… I need to fix that. Yeah, I look like a noob right now.The explanation is simple, this name is the old name, I didn’t change it inside the code… 😐

Anyway, you should try it ! And give me some feedbacks. Is there any way to improve it ? :)