Studieux, the organisator for students

Studieux is a free Windows Phone app. Its purpose is to help students organize their days of school.

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Here is a little video presentation of the main use of the app (the interface has changed a little bit).

How can it help ?

List of courses of the day

Once you have enter all your courses in Studieux, the app will present you your current school day.

It permits to easily remind you the current class you have, where it takes place, the schedules, etc…

And when you are bored, don’t try to count the remaining time, the app does it for you 😉







Studieux Add task

Manage your list of tasks

Studieux will take care of all your homework. You can simply add a task, and consult the list, ordered by deadlines, to remember you what you should work this evening.

Once you finished something, you just check it and it goes away.

All tasks are kept in memory, so that you can check what you have done, and remember the homework. You can still go back and un-check a task, if you made a mistake and select the wrong one, for example.


These are the main functions of Studieux. It is basic, but it helps a lot 😉

How the classes are managed ?

As your studies is composed of some subjects, you must enter your subjects. And in any subject, you can enter classes. It’s a simple as that.

Subjects are composed of a name, and two dates : the beginning date and the ending one.

Classes are composed of a type (lecture, etc…), a professor name, a schedule and a day so the class will be repeated each week.

Subject and class details

A subject and a class details

That is not finished !

I am always working on this app.

If you have some suggestions about the app, feel free to send an email !

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Get it for free on the Martketplace

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